Fast, Easy Tricks for Everyday Salads

Even with proper treatment for hypothyroidism, I still get tired and uninspired to cook. Sometimes I just can’t cope with making a meal. When I am tired it’s so easy to reach for junk food. So I need to make sure I have healthy foods on-hand, which are fast and easy to prepare.

For breakfast and lunch, often I have a salad with protein. I avoid grains and sugar, especially at breakfast and lunch, because they make me hypoglycemic. A meal of vegetables and protein gives me stable energy and helps my brain stay clear and focused. To make healthy salads quickly, I always keep these items in kitchen:

ingredients_photoOlivia’s Organics

At the supermarket, I’ve been buying the salad greens in the clear plastic box, like Olivia’s Organics. The plastic means more recycling which isn’t great, but hands-down the box is the best way for me to keep salad greens. When I buy regular lettuce, it usually wilts in my fridge because the idea of washing and spinning lettuce is way to much effort.

The pre-washed salad in a bag seems good, but invariably the bag gets crushed and the lettuce goes to waste. So while salad greens in a clear box might cost more than regular lettuce, it makes my life and eating healthy so much easier.

Cherry Tomatoes

I love foods that require low to no labor, so cherry tomatoes are a great staple to keep in the house. Wash them and toss on a salad. Easy.

Real Salt

For many of us with adrenal problems, salt can be important for our diets. The quality of salt is important though. Regular table salt tastes terrible. But Real Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt taste great. For me, good salt, pepper, and a little olive oil, are all the seasoning I need for a salad. Again, easy.

Eggs & Protein

To make sure I have plenty of energy I eat a good amount of protein in a salad. This usually means eggs and some kind of meat. For eggs, I prefer cage-free organic eggs, especially from a local farm, because they taste so good! Eggs with Omega 3 are even better because most of us need more Omega 3 in our diets.

For the eggs, usually, I fry them in butter and then put ontop of the salad. For protein, I use any leftover meat from dinner the night before. It might be ground beef, ham, chicken, pork or bacon — and fry in the pan after the eggs. This means one pan to wash.


Miss LizzyFast, Easy Tricks for Everyday Salads


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