Salt Cravings Could be a Sign of Adrenal Fatigue

Understand the Salt Craving

Recently someone asked about how to handle cravings for foods like pizza, mac and cheese, and nachos. Being hypothyroid and often inflammation many patients have difficulty eating simple carbohydrates and flour. Consequently when we have cravings meals can be especially challenging if we haven’t prepared in advance.

Maybe what you didn’t know is that cravings for foods likes pizza, french friends and nachos can actually be a craving for salt.  Craving salt can actually be indicator of adrenal stress. According to James L. Wilson, Adrenal Fatigue, some people are able to assess their adrenal strength simply by their salt cravings. For people with adrenal fatigue, like me, salt is good for us. Learn more about salt. However its important to use good salt.

Curb the Salt Craving Before Reaching for Salty Foods


When I am craving salty foods I can quickly curb the craving, while also eating healthy, by having a cup of chicken broth or drinking a glass of lightly salted water. As James L. Wilson suggets, salted water can help boost energy in the morning and before the mid-afternoon energy crash which is caused by low cortisol. Typically when I make salted water I used 1/4 tsp, or to taste of good salt like Redmond’s Real Salt.

If the salted water tastes bad, or makes you nauseated, Wilson explains this reaction is a good indicator you don’t need the salt or just need less salt. But if the salted water tastes good that’s how you know you need the salt.

Another solution for salt cravings is to make a cup of chicken broth. This is a low calorie snack  that is filling, satisfies the salt cravings and also can help support adrenal strength.



Chicken Broth Can Satisfy The Salt Craving

product-31For chicken broth, I use a product called Better Than Bouillon which I learned about in a cooking class.

The instructor said Better Than Bouillion was a great alternative to homemage chicken broth because its made with real ingrediants and doesn’t have MSG. Plus tastes amazing.

Better Than Bouillion is condensed, so I mix about a teaspon into hot water for an afternoon or after dinner snack that’s filling and satisfying.

Better Than Bouillon is more expensive the other chicken broth however the taste difference is worth to cost of about $5.95. A little jar lasts a long time and its much less expensive than ordering a pizza.

Next time you find yourself craving salty foods, see if these tricks help curb the craving.

Miss LizzySalt Cravings Could be a Sign of Adrenal Fatigue

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  • chiquita latina - May 4, 2013

    I am beyond happy to have come across your website! I was recently diagnosed 3 weeks ago, but have been suffering for many years now! Thanks for all the helpful info!!!

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