Curing the Muffin Top Blues

Curing the Muffin Top Blues

Maybe you already know this secret girl trick for the The Muffin Top dilemma, but I just found out about it and I have to share.

With the introduction of low-rise jeans women everywhere, of all ages and sizes, have to face the Muffin Top fashion dilemma.  My skinny sister, Rebecca, clued me in to this awesome fashion tip: The Slimming Cami.

I used to think camis (or tank tops) were all created equal. But no, no, no, that’s just not true. The slimming cami is a form fitting, slimming tank that smoothes out the muffin and belly bulge instantly. It feels like getting a hug all day long, and no more waistline spillage.


41FuQlvVqL._AA300_There are two brands in particular that we especially like, Assets® by Sara Blakely® and SELF (both sold at Target). After buying one I loved it so much I bought five more (in every color). Even at the gym they do a great job reducing treadmill jiggle (yes, we all have it, and one more mile just isn’t going to fix it!). A few small but important tips from my sister:

  1. Wear a push up bra underneath to keep the girls where they belong.
  2. Buy a size that is snug enough to smooth you out, but also long enough that it tucks into pants.

So there you have it, the secret cure for the Muffin Top blues!


Miss LizzyCuring the Muffin Top Blues