Exercise and Hypothyroidism

Determined? Absolutely. This is me at Crossfit where we climb ropes, run, row, lift heavy barbells. A one mile run is often just the warm up. Ten years ago, a one mile run would have landed me in bed for days. Imagine the difference in my life!

Yesterday I reached an exciting milestone. After a year at CrossFit, something I never would have imagined possible before hypothyroid and adrenal treatment, I did my very first unassisted pull-up. Hanging from the bar, full dead-weight, unassisted pull-up. It was so exciting. The most important part is what went through my head:


These words are the single most powerful phrase in my life. Until that moment, I only kind-of wanted the pull-up. I hadn’t actually told my mind that I really wanted it. Saying these words propelled me up, giving me a deep source of power I didn’t realize was inside. Accessing this power feels incredible.

That’s what the thyroid journey has taught me. How to stay determined, persevere through the hardest of times with effort and intention. During the early days of treatment, when I had lower energy I was kind to myself. On the days when I had more energy I would tackle anything I could to help improve my health. Step by step I found my way to health and vitality.

Now I have mostly great days with endurance and energy. However, I would never try this kind of exercise until I had fully healed my thyroid and adrenal issues. First, heal the body. Be patient.

I hope my journey inspires you to keep your spirits high, celebrate every milestone especially the small ones like this, and stay determined.


Miss LizzyExercise and Hypothyroidism

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  • Tomika Mitchell - September 20, 2015

    I love reading your posts!! I am a boxer, I love the gym. My hypothyroid has held me back for manye years. I have always struggled with weight.

    It never made any sense to me. I was never an unhealthy person. My mum brought us up on a clean healthy diet. & I was always active growing up. I’ve truly never felt like my body belonged to me!
    I would love to spend my days back in the gym training for boxing tournaments!
    I just worry that my exercise will work against me like it usually does. I start off feeling excellent then I suddenly gain weight and feel dreadful. I dont like to say this but I gain fat and look totally awful.
    I can’t keep up the consistency. I feel like a failure.
    When were you able to exercise again after taking natural thyroid? Did it take a few months?

  • Tomika Mitchell - September 20, 2015

    I have been on Biothroid (natural) for 7 months . I’ve only recently been upped to two tablets a day. It made me feel great for a few weeks. I lost weight. So I started properly exercising again. Then it all just suddenly turned terrible. Out of the blue ;,(

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