Find a Good Doctor for Hypothyroid Treatment

How Do I find a good doctor?

The single biggest question patients have in getting treatment for Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue is “how do I find a good doctor?” Many patients do not even realize that doctors have different points of view and experiences. As a result when a doctor doesn’t share the patients point of view or is unwilling to listen that patient may go untreated for hypothyroidism. This is totally preventable when patients find a good doctor.

What do I Look for in A Good Doctor?

The first step in getting treatment for hypothyroidism is to find a good doctor. When researching doctors, look for someone who will do the following:

  • Treat based on hypothyroid symptoms and lab results for FREE T3 and FREE T4 (not just TSH)
  • Prescribe medicines such as Natural Desiccated Thyroid Medicine (Armour or WP Thyroid)
  • Or Prescribe T3-only medicine such as Cytomel or Liothyronine as needed
  • Increase medicine dose based on body temperature, and elimination of hypothyroid symptoms
  • Run lab tests for vitamin deficiencies, iron levels, hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue
  • Make you feel like they are on your side and willing to listen

What kind of Doctor do I avoid?

To find a good doctor, avoid any doctor who says or makes you feel this way:

  • It’s all in your head.
  • You don’t have a thyroid problem. Your TSH labs are normal.
  • You may be depressed, overweight and tired, but it’s not your thyroid.
  • I won’t treat you.

Please keep in mind, doctors should be treated with kindness and respect. Doctors don’t know everything but a good doctor is willing to work with you. Your health matters, and you are your biggest advocate. Trust yourself. But don’t waste energy on a doctor who isn’t willing to help.

Understanding the Different Types of Doctors

There are many types of doctors who treat hypothyroidism. Endocrinologists, Family Practice, Integrative Medicine Doctors, sometimes OB/GYN. However, its important to find a good doctor who truly understands the depth and complexity of hypothyroidism and does not use a “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach. Often I hear of patients how are prescribed Levothyroxine or Synthroid by their Endocrinologist, who will not prescribe anything else. The patients are still very hypothyroid and don’t realize they need different treatment.

Doctors who practice Integrative Medicine are a great starting place in your search. In the experience of myself and many other patients, we did not find help from Endocrinologists or Family Practice doctors. Though if we could find an Endocronolist or Family Practice doctor who is willing to treat based on Step 1 above, then certainly that would be a good start.

Interview Your Doctor

Your doctor should be on your team. While trying to find a good doctor, you can save yourself tons of time and frustration with this one simple step. Call the doctor’s office and do a pre-interview with someone on the staff. Ask for an advice nurse or just ask the front desk.

The most discouraging experience from patients, myself included, is waiting months for an appointment with a new doctor only to find out the doctor isn’t the right fit. Save yourself from this misery. Take 5 minutes, call the doctor’s office and ask the following questions in a nice manner:

  • Does the doctor treat Hypothyroidism by symptoms?
  • Will the doctor test Free T3, Free T4, adrenal fatigue, vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalance?
  • Is the doctor open to prescribing natural desiccated thyroid medicine like Armour or WP Thyroid?

If the office can’t answer these questions or isn’t willing to help, then just move along to the next doctor.

Where to Find a Good Doctor 

Through my research, I have collected the following resources for good doctors.

Dr. Charles Brummer

My doctor is Charles Brummer, M.D. in Northampton Massachusetts. It may take some time to get an appointment with Dr. Brummer, but he is thorough and listens.


A patient name Jill recently shared that she had great success by going to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Texas. After years of living undiagnosed by doctors, Jill is getting good treatment for hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. At the Hotze Health and Wellness Center, Jill said that she was “treated like gold.” The doctor listened to her symptoms and explained what was happening to her body on a level she understood. The doctor is treating her with Armour, a low dose of DHEA and a low dose of Cortisol and she is seeing great improvements.

If you try the Hotze Health and Wellness Center let me about your experience.

Hotze Health and Wellness Center

Support Groups 


To see a growing list of good doctors and Iodine Literate Practitioners join my Facebook page. If you don’t see a doctor in your area feel free to ask others for suggestions. If you have a good doctor please share as well. Everyone needs our help. Click here to join my Facebook group.


NTH is a private group to which you can request to join. They are wealth of knowledge with a comprehensive Good Doctor list from patients around the USA. To join this group you need a Yahoo account. Click here to join.


From the groundbreaking site Stop the Thyroid Madness, the Facebook group is knowledgable and active. Click here to join.


Start by asking friends for a good doctor. Tell them what you are looking for in a doctor. Try asking specialists like massage therapists, herbalists, chiropractors, etc.. Or asking at your local health food store. You’re looking for a doctor or physician’s assistant who is considered to be open-minded and has a great reputation.

Other Places to Find a Good Doctor


Broda Barnes was a leader in educating and treating patients with Hypothyroidism. Doctors trained by Broda Barnes, or believe in his viewpoint will understand the importance of using desiccated thyroid in treatment. Visit the website


Try contacting the pharmaceutical companies who make natural desiccated thyroid medicine and ask if they have a list of doctors in your area who often prescribe their medicine. NP Thyroid is manufactured by Acella Pharmaceuticals, Armour is manufactured by Forest Laboratories, Naturthroid by RLC Labs.


Ask your local pharmacist (not the clerk at the counter) if they know doctors in your area who prescribe natural desiccated thyroid medicine.

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