Weird Reactions to Thyroid Medicine

Some people have reported odd reactions to many types of thyroid medicine, including shooting pains, burning sensations, heart palpitations (and probably lots more we don’t know about).

I asked the yahoo community and one nice lady wrote back with some great insights.  She experienced very weird symptoms from thyroid medicines that have a microcrystalline cellulose filler which includes the new reformulated armour, synthroid and naturthroid.  Apparently lots of us hypothyroid people have been experiencing similar, bad reactions to the microcrystalline cellulose filler.

It could perhaps be chemically sensitive, or the nature of hypothyroidism, we don’t really know.  The solution for her was ordering a compounded dessicated thyroid with acidophilus as a filler from a compound pharmacy. The doctor has to specify to the pharmacy to use acidophilus as a filler, not cellulose. Also she said make sure to find a reputable compounding pharmacy from the PCAB website.  Getting medicine through a compound pharmacy is really pretty simple.

For all of you who have been struggling with weird reactions to thyroid medicine,  I hope this helps!



Miss LizzyWeird Reactions to Thyroid Medicine