Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Options

There are several Adrenal Fatigue treatment options, including supplements and prescriptions, depending on the severity of the condition and doctor recommendations. This information is made available for educational purposes, to discuss with a good doctor.


For slightly Low Cortisol. Licorice is an anti-stress herb known to increase energy, endurance and vitality. Licorice has also been used to help decrease symptoms of Hypoglycemia. The best form of Licorice is in tea. And can also be found in the form of capsules, liquid herbal extract and dried root which can be chewed. 1

Ashwagandha Root

Therapeutic uses of Ashwagandha date back to at least 1000 B.C. Ashwagandha has beneficial effects on the adrenal tissue and function. Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen which means it helps the body function more towards its normal level. Ashwagandha is capable of normalizing cortisol levels whether they are low or high. But it should not be taken at doses higher than 35 gms/day because this would inhibit adrenal function.  2

Adrenal Cortical Extracts

According to Dr. James L. Wilson  3 probably the most reliable way of rebuilding adrenals from adrenal fatigue is the use of adrenal cortical extracts. In 1918 Adrenal Cell Extracts became commercially available, and since then they have been a powerful form of treatment for non-Addison’s type of hypoadrenia.

There are several brands available both in table and liquid form. According to Wilson the the liquid is generally more powerful than the tablet, but also costs more. He uses the tablets for milder cases, and the liquid in moderate to severe cases. Dr. Wilson explains:

  • Dosage for the adrenal cortical extract tablets is 6-12 per day, depending on severity
  • Dosage for the liquid is usually one vial under the tongue 2 or 3 times a week as directed by your physician

Many doctors are unaware of the existence of this type of therapy and do not know how to use it. This can mean some doctors are reluctant to explore it even though there is a long history of its use.

Adrenal glandular products 

According to Stop the Thyroid Madness, Adrenal glandular products should be avoided.

Hydrocortisone (HC)

Corticosteroid therapy with Hydrocortisone is the best natural form of cortisol, available by prescription 4. When administered in physiological doses of approximately 20 mg per day it can give the adrenals a rest. This is considered a short -term protocol for treating adrenals with a goal of gradually decreasing the dose after six months.

For me personally, and from the stories of others, Hydrocortisone helped me to strengthen my adrenals and provide the cortisol needed to help with absorption of Natural Desiccated Thyroid medicine. In hindsight, I believe I stayed on Hydrocortisone too long and should have weaned off after six months. But it did indeed help me.


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  • Melanie Joy - February 18, 2015


    I am sure I have adrenal fatigue but this is not treated in my country. I would like to know if prednisone can be used instead of hydrocortisone for the treatment and if possible where could I find more information on dosage and so on.

    I really liked your blog, and it makes me feel less alone in my fight against Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue.

    All the best,

  • George Hartwell - January 16, 2017

    I suggest not using prednisone as it replaces the adrenal stres hormone. I doubt that is a good way to support your adrenal gland. In fact, it will stop functioning.

    Use some of Lizzie’s other suggestions.

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