Hypothyroid Symptom: Inability to Stand for Long Periods of Time

There are so many random symptoms with hypothyroidism, like the inability to stand for long periods of time, I often thought these things were unrelated. At times doctors even told me they were unrelated. So I wanted to describe the symptoms to help you know to look out for with tired legs.

The inability to stand for long periods of time made activities like food shopping, cooking, cleaning, going to the mall, mowing the lawn really exhausting for me.  I didn’t have leg endurance. You may be thinking: “Don’t most people find shopping exhausting?”  To some extent I think yes.  However for me this was a unique kind of tiredness in the legs. An achy kind of feeling in the muscles, hips and joints, rather than muscle soreness, which I realize now is totally different. Forget going to Disney World or the zoo.

Walking for hours like this would be exhausting. I would have to take breaks and sit on a bench (mind you at 30 years old, I ought to be able to walk more than 30 minutes without fatigue!). Naturally, I didn’t have a basis for comparison, so I didn’t realize how tired my legs were all the time.  After getting on the right hypothyroid and adrenal treatment, I am now able to stand or walk for hours without tiring. And no more of that achy leg feeling.

Shockingly, now that I am getting the right thyroid treatment, I never get tired when food shopping and I can do it wearing high heels (crazy, I know!).  Equally shocking, I can go shopping and still have energy to run three miles, mow the lawn, and clean the house. All in the same day…

Before getting treatment just one of these activities would exhaust me for days. Of course, my treatment may not work for everyone. But if you have find it difficult to stand for long periods of time its worth learning more about hypothyroidism as possible cause. xxoo Lizzy

Miss LizzyHypothyroid Symptom: Inability to Stand for Long Periods of Time

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  • anne m - February 27, 2012

    HII suffer severly from very painful muscle fatigue.The late and most great Dr Lowe said that trauma could cause the hypothyroidism to act this way. (I had a bad car accident)I have asked the specialist I went to in UK several times but he has not answered my question.My back muscles are extremely affected (I went to an oesteopath who said my muscles were behaving like rubber bands).Then my thigh muscles and now the heart.I am scared. I can't believe I didn't talk to DR. Lowe when I had the chance.If you learn anything coulds you please let me know.thank you am

  • jimmy - March 26, 2013

    This was a great article! I was on a lower dose medication that worked well for years and then around when I turned 50, it was like the bottom dropped out. It took awhile to find a good doctor that knew how to treat it properly. I had a lot of BS problems until my thyroid was optimized.

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